Beck Lee


Beck’s interest as an artist lies in the emotion of a suspended moment. She distorts reality through light, vibrant colour and gritty brushstrokes that seem to both swallow and harmonise with her subject’s delicate details. She invites her audience to give permission to themselves to be gently present in this moment, here and now.
​She has previously exhibited throughout Brisbane and Melbourne before the pull of the ocean calling her home became irresistible and she returned to settle in her beloved Sunshine Coast.
She works primarily with oil on canvas and all paintings are original.​
When Beck isn’t squirreling away painting in her studio she can be found surfing, horse riding and fossicking the local markets for treasures

Sharing with James Stickland


127 Palmview Forest Drive, Palmview QLD 4553  •  Wheelchair access  •  On-site and street parking available