Dennis Forshaw


Dennis has been ‘working with clay’ for over thirty five years now, more than half his life – a landmark that comes with a certain amount of reflection.
His primary goal is always for the work to have integrity and enough presence to make it worth taking up space in this cluttered world. His new raku pieces continue to surprise and frustrate him. Dennis says, "of all ceramic methods, raku in particular prefers to remain feral by nature, refusing to be tied down or controlled. That is what is so appealing and frustrating at the same time. The same raw materials have been used for centuries: clay – river washed and stratified, metal oxides and minerals from the ground used to produce colour and depth in glazes. The historical and material gaps are small. Human intervention and expression transforms and imparts meaning that we can all engage with. Linear decoration using smoke and ‘resist’ remains a favourite technique – black, white and just a few glazes. The ‘soft’ burnished or glazed surfaces for me, lend a warmth and intimacy to the pieces, integrating form and decoration"
Dennis believes the artist's work is deeply rooted in the psychology of the maker. In these new forms he has found he has a questioning spirit and one that escapes and refuses to be tied down to a single symbolic meaning.
The desire to push on in an attempt to ‘get it right’ seems to reverberate around his studio.

Sharing with Cheryl McGannon


Doonan Studios, 28 Littleridge Court, Doonan, Qld 4562  •  Wheelchair access  •  On-site parking available