Judith Tompkins


The studio, “Palimpsest” should also say “and Pentimento,” since one term applies to the alteration of written material which can happen on its own, while the other applies to pictures, but must be discovered through deliberate effort.

A self-taught fibre artist, the reuse/alteration of materials produce new works where visible traces of the material’s earlier form is apparent, a Palimpsest. Underlying these fibre images are the changed designs; changes never seen unless fibres are deliberately removed, a Pentimento.

An eclectic background and eccentric world view collide to produce diverse, organically grown, 2D/3D, whimsical, fibre puns often challenging the viewer’s perceptions.


3323 Old Gympie Road, Landsborough, QLD 4550 - Street Parking, Onsite Parking & Wheelchair Access