Resin Beginners Course with Anita Baills


Resin Beginners Course

With Anita Baills

The course covers basics and safety aspects of resin work, resin types, mould types, casting, colouring, finishing and polishing your pieces. Students start with casting a small pendant/earrings in slow set resin and then progress to casting a bangle in fast set resin which allows polishing in the same session.

About Anita

Anita is mixed media jewellery and wearable art artisan specialising in real butterfly, insect and reptile jewellery(all natural components are ethically sourced). With over 12 years of jewellery making experience and skill development, she has won a number of national and international design challenges. She has 8 years of workshop tutor experience in resin, resin art, jewellery, metalwork and wearable art workshops. Workshops have been conducted at Cobb and Co Museum as one of their artisans as well as at a number of other local and regional events including Woodford Folk Festival, the Planting Festival and Carnival of Flowers.

What to Bring:

All participants will need to bring an apron or old clothing and an organic vapour mask, safety glasses are also advised.


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Mon, 22nd March - 1:00pm to 4:00pm



Sunshine Coast Art Group. 1 William Paeker place, Buderim


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