Tara Sage


Tara Sage grew up in a family of generational female artists in Alberta, Canada, with an Australian mother and Canadian father. She spent her developing years relishing in her mother’s memories of her upbringing in Western Australia, which were in such extreme contrast to the cool climate and high peaks of the Albertan landscape.

Tara was always creative and excelled in the arts throughout her schooling, leading her to pursue post-secondary studies in interior design and the fine arts. She dreamt of one day seeing the ocean, therefore she moved to Hawaii for university and to experience life by the sea. Living by the beach was a transformative experience and left Tara with a deep love of the ocean and an answer to a spiritual longing.

Tara deliberately omits figures from her work to give viewers an uninterrupted connection with the serenity of her seascapes. Much of her work is inspired by stunning sunrises along the Queensland coastline in peaceful hours of the early morning, often without another soul in sight.

Tara’s work is about a visceral experience with the calming power of the sea, getting lost in a beautiful place, not so far away.


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