Tim Noles


I now live on the beautiful and scenic Sunshine Coast, an area which has provided me with so much creativity and a never-ending thirst for life. A place of ever-changing landscapes, from the roaring ocean to the peaceful hinterland. This has inspired the foundation for ‘A Life on Canvas by Tim Noles’ and has provided endless opportunities for creativity. With a soul full of passion for creating, I now see life in everything. My dream, my hope, my goal is to show this to you whether it be an original piece or a limited edition print on a number of different media, to be a constant reminder that sits in your living room, boardroom and other public spaces revealing to you the beauty outside and each piece of art also has a written story that goes with it, so you can therefore enjoy and dream of the wonders, of the soul of this living land whether or whether not you have visit the particular areas.

Sharing with Anita Baills


Sunshine Coast Art Group. 1 William Parker Place, Buderim •  Street parking available