Where to Stay

We recommend a selection of the best accommodation in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Our accommodation partners are among the best in the region and offer everything you could desire to ensure your time visiting the region and Open Studios Sunshine Coast is absolutely the most memorable it could be.

For all your accommodation needs look no further than the following ‘OSSC approved’ accommodation partners.

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Spicer’s Tamarind Retreat

Spicers Tamarind Retreat offers rainforest fringed luxury, infused with the seductive spices of Asia. Tamarind is a welcome sanctuary of calm and elegance. An incredible stop to call home during the Open Studios event.

A getaway at Spicers Tamarind Retreat is an extraordinary experience, an Asian-influenced oasis that feels like you’re a world away, surrounded by natural beauty and tranquillity. Western luxury with eastern tranquillity.

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Rosebrook Cottages

Set on 12 acres of undulating countryside in the picturesque Maleny region. Rosebrook Cottages are the closest cottages to Maleny, just 2 minutes from the Town Centre and Restaurants, and the New Maleny Golf Course.

All cottages have a private spa with wonderful views of the Blackall Range. Come and view the morning mist floating up from the valley or watch the sun sinking over the horizon and a night sky blazing with stars.

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Tranquil Park, Maleny

Tranquil Park Maleny is nestled on the southern escarpment of Queensland’s beautiful Blackall Range with stunning views south to the Glasshouse Mountains and Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Tranquil Park has all the beauty, serenity and romance that only a pristine mountain atmosphere can provide. Imagine waking up to incredible rolling green views of the Sunshine Coast and breathing in the crisp fresh air that Maleny offers.

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Secrets On The Lake – Montville

Secrets world-class luxury treehouses are all nestled high in the lush rainforest canopy on the shores of  Lake Baroon. They are designed to offer you the perfect opportunity for romance, relaxation and the very best in intimate accommodation.

Each has its own unique look, feel and personality, and all have stunning views overlooking the lake, magical elevated walkways, exquisite carvings, and artistic details.

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Hide Park, Maleny

Hide Park is encircled by lush rainforest featuring commanding views. Located on iconic Mountain View Road, just a short drive or walking distance to restaurants, cafés, and the township of Maleny.

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Clouds Retreat, Montville

Tranquilly meets luxury, offering cottages, garden view studios and ocean view apartments. Clouds Montville is set on five acres of beautiful parklands overlooking Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.


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