Annie McIntosh


Solitude and solace are the two concepts that spring to Annie’s mind when she is creating her collage landscapes. She came to painting later in life after working in logical and regimented laboratories and business ventures.  After retirement, an energetic abstract approach has been informed by her deteriorating eyesight and her strong identification with the land around her. Annie was born in Melbourne, but In her 20s she moved to the country and found that she revelled in the solitude of the countryside and drew great strength from it. Annie is excited by the changing mood of the hills and skies and she experiments with colour, relying on bold impact rather than detail. Approaching landscape as a metaphor for life journeys, Annie’s interest in exploring the subconscious by hypnosis and meditation has also influenced her composition and colour choices.

“When you can’t see the detail (in the landscape) you automatically reduce the image to ‘bones’. The wild things are still there and you just have to imagine them’’.


89 McCarthy Road, Maleny, QLD 4552