Marcel Desbiens


Marcel was born in Quebec, Canada and is now living in Landsborough. He is the founder and director of Bienarte Art School in Brisbane. His research for the ultimate oil painting technique leads him to the Renaissance Masters. Marcel has been painting and teaching those methods for over 40 years.

Recent Solo Exhibitions:
2018 Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane
2016 Stanthorpe Regional Gallery
2016 Lasting Impression Gallery, Kenilworth
2011 Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane
2009 Gallery 2120, Brisbane
2008 Gadfly Gallery, Dalkeith Perth
2007 Delshan Art Gallery, Modern Art, Melbourne
2005 Maria Perides Gallery, Brisbane
1998 Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane


Bienarte, 19 Caloundra Street, Landsborough, QLD 4550 •  Wheelchair access  •  On-site and street parking available